Author Topic: Transfering my MB's playcounts to Lastfm  (Read 612 times)


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I saw the thread regarding lastfm in this section so I'm sorry if my thread is out of place, but my problem isn't really about scrobbling.

Basically I just created my Lastfm account and I wish to transfer my playcounts from MusicBee to Lastfm, but I don't manage to do it. I can scrobble just fine but I can't transfer my existing playcounts. Is there a way to do that ?

If there isn't a way directly from MusicBee, then I think i found a potential solution, The Universal Scrobbler, who allows to scrobble manually in bulk. But to do that, I would need to be able to convert my MusicBee library into a CSV File, is there a way to do that ?


Anyway thanks in advance to whoever is able to help me

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Hi, welcome to the forum!

I think Universal Scrobbler is the way to go here. The Additional Tagging & Reporting Tools plug-in should help you get the report you need.
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I think there's a 20/day limit with Universal Scrobbler unless you upgrade to premium.

I've used this in the past.  I see that there's a 2800/day limit on this now, but that's more than 20.  I'm more comfortable with programs on my computer than web apps for some reason, but ymmv.
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