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That's weird, try changing the link to .mp3 or .ogg instead.
The .ogg link shows a bit of metadata too (artist and track together on the track name, better than nothing i guess)

Edit: more radios from the guys behind Nightride: - DNB/EDM - Lo-Fi/Hiphop - 1930's Jazz

Try this: - DNB/EDM - Lo-Fi/Hiphop - 1930's Jazz
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Thanks Bee-liever for your reply.  Well, I've found out that I have finally run into "the dreaded Windows 7 thing" here.  Due to some helpful info provided for me on the AIMP forum, I found that the stream's server just is not accepting the TLS 1.2 cipher suite being used by the native Windows 7SP1 networking, regardless of TLS 1.2 being manually enabled in my registry (  The stream works fine in Windows 10 with that player, and so also with MusicBee W10 users.  Another motivation to do that update to Windows 10 that's still laying around in my "To Think About" folder, haha..
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Time for a new Gothic/Symph playlist.  I deleted a couple of off-air links, and got rid of the stuff which had started sending an irritating location-targeted advert on each start.  Added some new stuff and the related Radio Caprice links.  Enjoy!  As always, your additions and new lists from any genre are welcome.

Updates:  ver. 1.2.4, URLs edited/added on 08/20/2020:

#EXTINF:-1,-=- tormented radio -=- streaming since 1998
#EXTINF:-1,Cathedral XIII
#EXTINF:-1,Decennial Gothic/Darkwavea Radio
#EXTINF:-1,Heavy Music Atmospheric Radio
#EXTINF:-1,IceRadio Germany - The best music for black people
#EXTINF:-1,Nightbreed Radio;stream.mp3
#EXTINF:-1,Online Radio ?????????? ?????? []
#EXTINF:-1,Radio Caprice-Gothic/Darkwave Metal /aac
#EXTINF:-1,Radio Caprice - Female Vocal In Metal
#EXTINF:-1,Radio Caprice - Symphonic Gothic/Darkwave Metal
#EXTINF:-1,Radio Caprice - Symphonic Metal
#EXTINF:-1,Radio Caprice - Symphonic Power Metal
#EXTINF:-1,Radio Metropolis One
#EXTINF:-1,Radio Schwarze Welle
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FLAC  , Radio-Paradise, world, eclectic, mellow mix, 1980-90, soft rock... multiple streams type:ogg, acc, FLAC  

Radio Paradise

Listening Pearls  ...Light, soft ambient music  , stuff we never hear anywhere else .   320k mp3

Listening pearls

Sing-Sing , FLAC . diverse soft rock


Frequencie3  , young at hearth,  modern, dance, soft and lively music, FLAC

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