Author Topic: Artwork downloader window freezing entire app for up to 60 seconds at at time  (Read 93 times)


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The artwork downloader tool is freezing for up to 2 minutes when a selection is highlighted. I am using the default providers.

Note: This freezes the entire MusicBee application, the scrollbar, window, buttons, everything.

1. Select several tracks
2. Open the Artwork downloader
3. Click Preview
4. Start sorting though the results, go up and down in the list.

The process starts but as you start clicking it quickly freezes.

It may be related to, it always displays "downloading" but never actually downloads a cover.

Update: A possible fix here to keep the application responsive would be to move each of these web queries into a separate thread so that if one of them isn't returning results properly or is slow, it doesn't freeze the entire application until a timeout occurs (1 or 2 minutes?). This way the user can keep working on their list without having to wait 2 minutes for an app freeze every time a key is pressed and the query isn't returning properly.
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