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hello every body,
sorry for my english, not very academic !!

I meet a little issue with the notation-tag :
if I set this tag to "no star" (not noted, not the little bomb) with an extern tool (windows properties, or MusicBee on another PC), MusicBee  doesn't see the modification and keep the old notation ;
if I set 1, 2 or 5 stars, MusicBee see correctly the modification ;
of course, I tried to update musicbee display, compress the library, remove the record and re-insert it into musicbee, and even re-scan all files : nothing changed, if I want to set those tracks to "not noted", I have to do it manualy a second time (one time in each instance of mesicbee) ;

it's very annoying for me :
I use Musicbee at work and also at home, with music on the same USB hard-drive ;
the modification done (only "no star") on a PC is not seen on the second one ;
not dramatical, but annoying ...

here's an example of the difference betwin windows explorer and musicbee displays, for a record with some un-noted tracks  :

a few days later ...
if I move the files into another place, the notation becomes correct in musicbee (I mean : musicbee displays no star for the corresponding tracks) ;
but if I replace the files in their initial place, the notation displays old  values (from where ?)
weird, isn't it ?
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