Author Topic: How to have music play random albums but not by the same artist?  (Read 2075 times)


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I have my library sorted by artist but I like to play by album - switching to a new album whenever one ends.

The thing is, when it plays an album by an artist I have multiple albums for, it just switches through all their albums. So it'll play random albums and then if it hits an artist like Bowie (who I have 15 albums for) it'll go through all his albums before switching to a new artist.

How can I have it play different albums regardless of artist - but still keep my library sorted by artist? Is there a way?


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I'm actually surprised the default behaviour is like that and whether this was always the case. If in the shuffle settings (right-click on player controls) you select "shuffle with different artist bias" then it will try to jump to another artist. But the way I see it this is problematic as it interferes with randomness.

The default behavior in my opinion should be a "truly" random upcoming album from any artist whereas "shuffle with different artist bias" should skew the selection towards a different artist and ""shuffle with same artist bias" should skew the selection towards the same artist, as the descriptions imply.

Anyone else has thoughts on this?