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new default skin
<element id="SlimIcons">true</element>
You can use it on any skin, and what it will (eventually) do is:
- use the same single px icons from the new default skin unless an override is provided
- use the new single px player controls for standard skins
- use single px icons where the icon cant be overriden eg. left/right panel collapse/expand icon
- narrow the progress bar
- adjust the fonts from Bold to Regular in various places (panel headers, default player panel text, etc)

<element id="IconColourOverride.Default" fg="xxx,xxx,xxx" />
recolors default slim icons except a few

<element id="CaptionBarIconColorOverride" fg="xxx,xxx,xxx" />
if you want to use a specific colour when tabs/icons are displayed in the caption bar and the caption bar is a distinct colour from the main panels

<element id="PlayingIconColourOverride.Default" fg="xxx,xxx,xxx" />
<element id="PlayingIconColourOverride.Highlight" fg="xxx,xxx,xxx" />
<element id="PausedIconColourOverride.Default" fg="xxx,xxx,xxx" />
<element id="PausedIconColourOverride.Highlight" fg="xxx,xxx,xxx" />
recolors default playing/paused icons

<element id="CaptionBarButtonColorOverride" fg="xxx,xxx,xxx" />
<element id="CaptionBarButtonHighlightColorOverride" bg="xxx,xxx,xxx" fg="xxx,xxx,xxx" />
where CaptionBarButtonColorOverride is the symbol coloring and CaptionBarButtonHighlightColorOverride is the background when the mouse is over the button
as with Windows, the close button highlights with red

multi-line track text display
multi-line track text display for the main player is now user configurable for the standard skins and any custom skins that enable support
<element id="PlayerMultilineSupported">true</element>
you can right click/Customise... on the player panel to set the fields displayed (Preferences/Layout(1)).
Only the top field scrolls if its too wide. Also the top line font uses the configured font and the 2nd line is set smaller and less contrast but that is not configurable (fg2 of PlayerFlat.DisplayPanel colors 2nd-line text).

<element id="PlayerMultilineYAdj">-6</element>
applies y adjustment to the multi-line track text, but most of the time this is not needed if track text is placed properly

hide multi-line track text for wavebar layout
<element id="PlayerWaveBarHideMultiLine">true</element>
This is only needed if you want to hide multi-line track text in the wavebar layout when multiLine="true" is used when creating a custom skin which is no longer needed if you want to support both display options

far alignment for track position
<element id="PlayerSplitProgressTextFarAlign">true</element>
forces far alignment (left align on the left progress and right align on the right duration)

To exactly align an element to the track position and an element to the duration when the position and duration are split (using "PlayerSplitProgressYOffset" and alignment "PlayerSplitProgressTextFarAlign" enabled), the following should be set:
<element id="PlayerAlignElementToPosition">TrackText</element>
<element id="PlayerAlignElementToDuration">TrackRating</element>
The values can be any valid player panel element id. See redwing's gray skin to see what I mean if its not clear.
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