Author Topic: End-User Controls Auto-Pick Color Rules  (Read 817 times)

Music Noumon

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Let the end-user control the rules for the auto-pick color scheme.

The user will specify whether the periphery or the center or 25% and 75% squares about the center
are used to determine the color!   Or whether to use averages of two or more colors.

You could have small white dots to toggle between the different rules.
That way we can change the color on the fly.

I noticed the color pick scheme has color gradients between two colors sometimes.
Let the user control the rules for all this.

Also allow the option to save a computer generated color scheme to use as default for all the other albums.
Some users might want the predictability of only one color!
Control freaks don't want the computer to do things on its own.

We need more control and options with color pick as well.
Empower us with more control over color pick.

Music Noumon

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I forgot to mention some other rules:

Colors from the top half of the album cover versus bottom half!
And left versus right.

I have an album cover with "flames" at the bottom and a "blue sky" up above.
The auto-pick program picked the blue sky.
It's not satisfying to have a blue color pick scheme.
I would rather have a red color scheme in a case like this.
This was the only time the color auto-pick failed.

Give us more options Steven.
Empower us!

I refuse to buy another copy of Photoshop ever again.
I rather give the money to you Steven.