Author Topic: Basic Questions on Using Duplicates Manager  (Read 1836 times)


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I have just started looking at the Duplicates Manager tool, and a few things are confusing me. 

First, is there a way to control the order that the tool uses to find duplicates? 

For example, how would I tell it to mark all the garbage in a "Best of" album as duplicates and keep the tracks in the original albums?  I know I can drag individual tracks from one side to the other, but what a huge pain that is for more than one or two tracks.  Instead, I want to be able to order the albums so it knows which ones are lower priority to me, and thus marks those as the duplicates.

Here is a specific case:  I have 4 albums by Aaron Neville - two originals, and two compilations, one of which is "The Very Best of".  There are five songs that are duplicated on the "The Very Best of", and I would like those to be hidden.  But when I run the Duplicates Manager, it ALWAYS defaults to saving the tracks from "The Very Best of" and hiding the tracks from the ORIGINAL albums!  Can I reverse this behavior?