Author Topic: Unable to improve connectivity with WINDOWS STORE VERSION version of MUSIC BEE.  (Read 607 times)


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Hello everyone,

The other day I reviewed the adjustment and it was a little But I still see there is a Windows version 10 as well, I set up because it was cool. At the statement in my config, I have to customize. configuration.xml To convert the start key for vorbis, then just delete the area.
I found the file I changed the permissions on them, although I use my editor in the admin, I can not edit the file.
Notepad ++ asks if other programs use the file? ทางเข้าufabet
Notepad says I'm not eligible even though I have.
Updated from everywhere, copied from Prometheus AS ADMIN. Usually FU ...

D:\Users\Bute\Desktop>copy Configuration.xml D:\WindowsApps\50072StevenMayall.MusicBee_3.1.30.0_x86__kcr266et74avj\win32
Remplacer D:\WindowsApps\50072StevenMayall.MusicBee_3.1.30.0_x86__kcr266et74avj\win32\Configuration.xml (Oui/Non/Tous) : oui
Accès refusé.
        0 fichier(s) copié(s).

When you root, you are rooted, and you can even rm -rf / * you want. I hope Windows will stop us, we know. Well, what are we doing here? I'm sorry, that's a short rant.

I have a feeling that I will go ballistic, and then boot from the Linux Live CD, and then adjust from there ... -_-

The help will be appreciated.


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1- The Windows Store version is not as up-to-date as the version you'll get here on the website. Plus, the website version (installer or portable) allows you to update via the frequent patches Steven issues for bug fixes and feature enhancements.

2- The Windows Store version puts many restrictions on what one can do with MB.

3- Personally I can't see why anyone would use the Store version, what with all it's restrictions, but that's just me.

4- I would suggest uninstalling the Store version, downloading and and placing the Portable version in a NON-Windows directory. Do not put it in C:\Users, do not put it in App Data, do not put it in Program Files. Use something like C:\MusicBee.

5- I'm not quite sure what kind of editing you're trying to do with Notepad++, but if it's tagging, you should really use MB's Tag Editor from within the program.
Download the latest MusicBee v3.5 or 3.6 patch from here.
Unzip into your MusicBee directory and overwrite existing files.

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