Author Topic: certain .xm files loop forever and are "Encoding..." forever when syncing  (Read 721 times)


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I've added some .xm files to my library, and for the most part they play correctly and convert for my portable device correctly. However, one file loops endlessly, which also always causes it to be "Encoding..." forever when I try to sync it to my portable device.

The XM can be downloaded here:
I'm using 3.2.6756 from the Windows Store, on Windows 10.
Nothing related to this has appeared in my Error Log.

also if anyone could let me know the path to the temp folder that MusicBee writes the wavs to before converting them to the desired format for Android sync, I have a feeling I should check it to find out whether it's cleaned up the multiple-GB unrolled loops it may have generated. it's been sitting at 0.5 MB/s disk use for a while now


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