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Just curious if anyone uses multiple libraries? What is the advantage or disadvantage to using more than one library? If you are using multiple libraries what do you do with them?


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The only thing I use a second library for is my holiday music. The reason is that if I put it in my regular library, then I have to go to a lot of trouble to filter it out of all my playlists, filters, searches, etc and it's not worth the effort for music I use about 1 month a year.

Aside from that, new things go to the Inbox, and non-music goes in Audiobooks. Everything else I use filters and playlists for. Classical vs pop, various genres, what to sync (this I also make use of the tick boxes for), things that need more processing (combined with virtual tags that identify missing info), etc

In general, working with multiple libraries causes more problems than it solves. With filters or playlists you can change what section a file is in by changing a tag that it's based on. There's no good way to pass files from one library to another, and they share all the same settings except the stuff in Library Preferences, anyway. (If you need different auto-organize settings for different things, you can use exceptions to create multiple templates.)
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I have a lossless library that is only archival and a lossy library that is what I use.  This works for me because of their very different purposes and the fact that (sadly) they don't co-mingle at all.  I barely go into my Lossless library except to import new files into it so having to manage hiding it from my daily driver library would be more trouble than it's worth.

I also have a separate library for my daughter so her Kidz Bop type music doesn't pollute my library, and so I can easily synch her entire library to her tablet without managing playlists or other settings at all.

For my main library I use filters to segregate Classical from non-Classical and also to de-activate Christmas music at inappropriate times of the year.
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