Author Topic: Export list of plays in specific time frame  (Read 599 times)


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I need to export a list of songs played and the number of times played, between a specific time frame.

Preferably to CSV

Is there any way to do this easily?



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Take a look at the Advanced Tagging and Reporting Tools plugin. I'm not sure if it can do exactly what you want, but it might. If you have questions about the plugin's use, please post them in the plugin's thread.
Download the latest MusicBee v3.5 patch from here.
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The problem that you're going to run into is that MusicBee only tracks details of the most recent play and an overall playcount. So if, for example, you play a song at the beginning of the time frame and again at the end, only the last one will show up in a history listing (with its overall play count increased by two).  If you're looking to track each play in the period as I believe you are, that's a problem.

If you just want to know if it was played in that period and its overall play count, then yes the plug in can copy tags from the History list and paste them into the spreadsheet program of your choice.
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