Author Topic: How To Use Auto DJ To Play Compositions Rather Than Single Tracks?  (Read 1784 times)


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Hi Shen,

I have a tag called "composition" in my music files.  Since most of my music is classical, the composition tag is very important because most classical pieces occupy more than one track.

I want to be able to use MusicBee's Auto DJ feature to select and play random compositions, which may include many tracks.

Is there a way to do so?




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Hi, welcome to the forum!

Yes, this is possible. You may need to update to the latest version from my signature, but auto dj has recently been enhanced with more "group by" options.

You may also need to transfer your composition tag to the built-in tag "work" which is for exactly this purpose. You can do this with the Additional Tagging and Reporting Tools plugin.

I use this feature for auto playlists and LOVE it.
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