Author Topic: Multiple "Now Playing" Queues  (Read 1566 times)


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If you listen to an audio book or podcast, then you take a break, listen to some music and after that you want to resume your book. But the book queue is gone and you have to find the exact position again where you paused the last time. This would be easier with the option to open multiple tabs of "now playing" queues and to restart the playback at the exact position of a book where you left it.


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I don't know about Podcasts, but, for me, if I'm listening to an audiobook and then go listen to some music and then go back to the audiobook, MB remembers were I was in the audiobook.  I suspect podcasts are the same.  If it's not doing this for you, something is wrong.

I've never used an audiobook player that didn't remember playback positions across different listening sessions.  It's pretty basic audiobook player functionality.


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Why limit to music vs audiobooks? What if you have a multiple-day-long playlist, but want to shift to something else for a few hours, and come back to where you left off? Or compare bands and quickly switch between two (or more) playlists.

It's a great idea...