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I would like to change the colors of the fonts used in various parts of the interface. Mainly the lyrics font color.
When displaying synchronized lyrics I want the highlighted line in a different color so I can read it clearly.

I checked the skin script and couldn't find a parameter to change font color. I believe there's no way you can change the color of the font in MB. If there is please let me know.


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As far as understand some colors are predefined in MusicBee. For example color of statusbar text and column headers background. I like to use different windows themes and for many of them text of statusbar is almost invisible. Steven, could you use colors that set in windows preferences? If predefined colors are desirable for some reason then could you use only predefined *combination* of text color/background color?
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For the lyrics text something like the following line would do.

<element id="LyricsPanel.Text" bg="225,225,225" fg="255,156,0" />

Foreground color is the highlight color when displaying synchronized text.



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this isnt in today's release but will be in the next
LyricsPanel.Highlight fg=xxxx


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Awesome Steven!
Looking forward to it  :)


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Can`t find where to configure highlight color for synced line.
Was this implemented?

Rotem K.

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Go to the 'Skins' folder in Path\MusicBee, open whatever skin your using and paste this before the line </colours>:
<element id="LyricsPanel.Highlight" fg="0,0,0" />
then change the 0,0,0 values to the color code you want. save. close. get back to Musicbee and choose the skin again in the view menu.