Author Topic: Musicbee deemed the 'clear winner' in techrader music player comparison  (Read 3789 times)


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Just saw this, so not sure if it's actually that new, or if this is the right place for it, but seems like Musicbee is finally taking its rightful place on the throne.

Makes me wonder how many people actually use it. Has Steven ever given any indication of user or download numbers?


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Well, article is dated 9/14/17 so it seems recent.

I just started using MusicBee myself. Still in the process of checking tags, art, and organization as part of my migration process, and as far as that component is concerned, I freaking love it. I can't wait to actually start using it after my library update.

While I was using WMP temporarily when I got my new PC, I had used iTunes before for a long time (on my Mac, and even SEVERAL years ago on an old PC) and I had really thought iTunes was quite phenomenal (in all fairness, it is quite good). MusicBee took everything I like about iTunes (great functionality, awesome interface) and combined it with powerful tools and customization that I could only have dreamed of before.

I'm happy I did some research and landed here, I hope others do too. It's a great program and I haven't even scratched the surface yet I'm sure.