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Hi! It would be interesting if MusicBee also had a tab for translated lyrics too, like the different album covers for one single album. For example, I'm listening a japanesene song, I'm with two sync lyrics:

In romaji:

[00:05]Mitomete ita okubyou na kako
[00:10]Wakaranai mama ni kowagatte ita
[00:15]Ushiro no jibun ga genjitsu wo ima ni utsusu

And translated:

[00:05]My cowardly past that I admitted
[00:10]Not knowing what's going on, my frightened
[00:15]past self reflects the reality now

It would be impossible to put both in the same text
It's possible?

Hope you understand, thank you!
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Translation and transcription for all tags would be a nice feature. In fact I'm using a custom tag for transcription of artists and titles, when I got tracks which are tagged in Kyrillic alphabet for example.