Author Topic: Update tags on original file when updated on external drive.  (Read 815 times)


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Tagging experts, is this possible?:

C:\music\the orb\little fluffy clouds\the_orb-little_fluffy_clouds.mp3

Added to Serato playlist which auto copies the file to;


I then play the file in Serato from the external stick, in Serato it will analyse the BPM, the Key and add it to tags. I might rate or comment on the file in Serato for my own notes.

Can I in MB use a formula to analyse the files on the stick, D:, and then update the tags of the original files in C:\music for any tags that  are new or have changed, without having to copy the files back again to C: ?

It's like a 2-way sync from a USB stick or network share or external HDD, could be a virtual device, but only sync tags, not copy files, on the 'return' from the external.

I use MB to audition my tunes, and auto copy them to a stick to create a DJ set list. Copying to the stick is fine, but there's no point in copying files back to the PC. There are files in my home library that I'd never put into a DJ set so no point in letting Serato analyse the whole library (it'd probably wouldn't be successful anyway) and I don't want anything else possibly messing up my tagged, renamed, organised files from MB.