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Running MusicBee v3.4.

Built the skin from the ground up using the color scheme from Avril Lavigne's "The Best Damn Thing" and so I've titled it "The Best Damn Skin." One day I'll get better tab icons, but for now I'm satisified. For a more details on particular aspects of the panels, check out the full imgur gallery here. Main views below.

Primary View - Click for video

Classical View

Soundtrack View

Theater Mode - Click for video
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Custom artist pics for everyone! If only I could hide the labels in the grid  :-\


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Theatre mode "Artist Pictures" completed with the year of the album and synchronised lyrics


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fluenx dark - segoe ui
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Basic tags, no genres, no playlists. Just artists and albums.

Could you please name the skin?


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I'm trying to configure MB for exclusive online streaming, since  no longer have a local collection (Well, I have a small collection is all). Here is my effort so far.

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I like to keep it simple. I change the background image depending on my mood. Right now I have it setup like If I were using Ubuntu.