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I figured out how to add "find song on Amazon" just like "artist profile on Wikipedia" in the track information panel. Sometimes this is handy if you are looking for cover art or want to buy a higher quality version of a song.

1. Go to Edit -> Preferences and choose the "Internet" section on the left
2. Under custom web links, on a new line choose "find song on Amazon" for name and for web-link choose:


3. Now choose the "Layout (1)" section on the left
4. Under "right sidebar" section, click the "Customize Layout" button next to "track information" (NOT the button for playing tracks above it)
5. Put a check in the box next to "find song on Amazon"
6. Click the Save button

Hope that helps and if you come up with your own searches, please share and post them down below.


I also figured out how to one-click find the current song on YouTube. Here is the custom web link for YouTube:

Name: find song on YouTube
Use the same directions as you did for

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