Author Topic: How to : Artist Panel use Album Art Instead of automatically downloading picture  (Read 2110 times)


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Is there a way to make the "album artist" panel use the existing album artwork in my library instead of automatically downloading pictures I've never seen in my entire life ?

I get the idea for people who have a disorganized library, but I've put a lot of time to make my library complete and would prefer to see album artwork for every artist instead of one of their random pictures.

Is it possible ?

P.S. The only way I found to do this was to paste album artwork for each artist which is unrealistic considering the size of my library.



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What version of MB you are using and a pic of which "album artist" panel you are referring to pls.
It makes it so much easier for other forum members to help you  :)
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I think we're dealing with the thumbnail browser:

..."album artist" panel ...

In this case, right-click where it says "Album Artist" and look for "show artist pictures" which will probably be at the bottom of the context menu. Uncheck that option, and you should see album art instead of artist pics.

If you find these instructions don't fit the view you're asking about, please post a screenshot of your full MB window so we can see which view you're asking about.

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