Author Topic: Possibility to copy songs and artists playing on radio into a reminder list.  (Read 916 times)

Elisa Cologne

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i have to say i really love Musicbee and its allways a nice feeling to open it. But it needs one thing that really would make it perfect. When i use online radio i sometimes hear catchy songs and don't have sense and time to use the research tool of Musicbee in that very moment. To keep the songs and artists for later research, a reminder list or todo list would be great. Just a button or a context menu entry to copy  just playing songs and artists inside that list.
Later you can open the list and do you research etc. And that would be awesome!

If this request means to much effort, would it be possible to include at least a context menu entry to copy song and artist into clipboard to paste it in to a separate list?

Many thanks in advance.

Eli from Cologne :-*
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