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Hello guys,
Is there a way to bookmark section of a file in a list or something like that.
For example, I have a file that's 4 hours long (actually it is audiobook), it's quite difficult to start certain section of a file (for example. chapter no.4 or so) with slider. So, I think it might be easy to bookmark that section and give it a name and a start point (or maybe an end point also) and it would be easy to jump to that bookmark without using the slider.
Second thing that I think would be useful is for analyzing sections of a song. (for example: verse1 starts from 00:00 ends at 00:40, chorus starts at 00:40 to 01:10...). Some songs that I have are about 30 minutes long and over.

Maybe it's too much, but I find this somewhat helpful.



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You mean like this?

Just activate the "Bookmarks" node in Preferences.
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I somehow removed by mistake an "End" column in bookmarks, but I can't get it back now.
There isn't on the list of columns.

How to get it back and restrict it so I could not remove it in the future? (be it Comment, Start or End Column)