How do you prefer your player controls?

'Play' = combined
19 (21.8%)
'Play' = strict
5 (5.7%)
'Pause' = combined
16 (18.4%)
'Pause' = dedicated
5 (5.7%)
'Stop' = absent
1 (1.1%)
'Stop' = always available
13 (14.9%)
'Stop' = adaptive
7 (8%)
'Previous' = adaptive
10 (11.5%)
'Previous' = strict
11 (12.6%)

Total Members Voted: 22

Author Topic: POLL: behaviour of player controls  (Read 1762 times)


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Out of curiosity if this is 'a thing' amongst MusicBee users, I cooked up a poll on player controls.

To explain the choices:

'Play' = combined - the 'Play' button plays when stopped, pauses when already playing.
'Play' = strict - the 'Play' button plays when stopped, or plays a track from the beginning when it is already playing.

'Pause' = combined - the 'Pause' function is available by pressing 'Play' when a track is playing.
'Pause' = dedicated - the 'Pause' function has it's own button.

'Stop' = absent - there is no 'Stop' button at all.
'Stop' = always available - the 'Stop' button is always present and available.
'Stop' = adaptive - the 'Stop' button will appear depending on layout or size of the player panel.

'Previous' = adaptive - the 'Previous' button will play the previous track if the current playing track has been playing for less than 20 seconds, else it will play the current track from the beginning.
'Previous' = strict - the 'Previous' button will always start playing the previous track.

To be clear, this is only to satisfy a personal curiosity that I have, and not something that is under discussion or investigation to possibly be implemented. (that I am aware of)
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I'm not clear on whether the current situation count as "absent" or "adaptive" for the stop button.
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You shouldn't look at this as the choices being the exact current implementation vs. a proposed change.
The poll is mainly created out of curiosity what other members prefer.
As you are probably also aware of, there regularly is some discussion or confusion about pause and stop buttons, so I thought it might be interesting to do this.
Some new proposal or wish may come out of it, or maybe not.

Currently of course MB's 'stop' controls will depend on the chosen skin, settings, using mini/compact/full-screen player.