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Hallo Bees. I'd love to get your suggestions to buy a wireless speaker/speakers for my home. This is how I listen the music right now:
MUSICBEE (with my huge collection, auto-playlists, star scored, etc.) running on a MICROATX-PC in my living room. Portable Musicbee, library, songs, playlists are all on my NAS. Optical cable goes from the PC to my LOGITECH Z906 5.1 speaker system.
I'm pretty happy of this combination, and usually my PC is always on. I connect to it with TeamViewer from other PCs or from my android phone, so I can start/stop music etc.

This is a good solution when I'm near the living room, 'cause I can listen the music, if I pump the volume up enough... but, of course, when I'm pretty distant (garden, bedroom) the thing becomes awkward. So, I'd love to add a wireless (wifi?) speaker to listen my songs. I don't like the idea to use other software or to continually export songs/playlist to another system, so, PROBABLY, I just need a kind of wireless speaker and a system to broadcast my audio-out stream to it. OR MAYBE I'm completely off road, and there are better systems that I ignore.
So, this is why I'm asking to you: probably someone has the same situation of mine. How did you solved it?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I'm not interested in a specific model (I know, there are a lot of brands / prices) while I'd still love to hear your considerations about a model you are particularly happy of. I'm more interested in the technology / plugins / additional software you chose to archive the goal.
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vincent kars

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In case of wireless you have 2 options
Bluetooth: probably the easiest as you connect it to your PC and it will act like any other audio device.
Downsize: limited range, lossy compression

Wifi: audio over the network is perfectly possible.
The protocol is DLNA and MusicBee supports this.
Bit more complex compared with  Bluetooth imho but you have a couple of advantages
Better range, lossless transmission


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Thanks Vincent for the first reply. Yeah, I think I'll choose wifi technology, but I'm pretty concerned 'cause I'm reading the forum, and I've known that there are (big?) problems with dlna plugin and newest MB versions. Also, searching for "Sonos" here in the forum (one of the brands I'm reading of), I also see problems.
This is why I'm asking for people that actually use (and that are happy with) one of these systems. I'd love for an useful solution (tech used, plugin used, eventually external software used etc.)
I'd hate to spend X money (200$?) and THEN discover that I'm opening a can of worms...