Author Topic: Ignoring characters or words at the beginning of track names  (Read 1237 times)


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I have a virtual column set to display title ignoring lead words or characters. This allows me to work through my tracks and pick out duplicates where there has been a spelling error or use of characters such as "A" "The" "()" etc. This works superb for my needs with the exception that MB adds a comma when it places the ignored word at the end. If I have a number of tracks that have the same start word such as Star this can get separated from a tack that is The Star or A Star if there or there are a number of tracks starting with Star followed by a space, as it treats the comma as a character. The comma cannot be set to be ignored in the Tag customizing, or I am doing it wrong.

I know I my be out on my own for using the Track name in the Column browser and have had discussions around this previously, all I can say it works for me and was one of the things I used in MM.

Any suggestions on either stopping the comma being inserted or using a character that can be ignored



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What's the formula for the virtual tag you're currently using? And what are the (specific) examples that do not work as you intended and how do you want them to display?