Author Topic: How do I get MB to relocate files?  (Read 1028 times)


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"Computer Homer" here...hope you will bear with me. Had to install new HD. So I consolidated music files (different formats) from different HD onto the new drive. Then created new master music file with dedicated sub-folders for each artist. Music library has 800 plus files; some are shown in BOLD black and some are in gray. When you try to open a "gray" file it messages the source file cannot be found and would I like to try to locate it and then it gives the previous file location on an old HD which is no longer connected to my computer. I used MB's FILE>Scan folders for New File>C\>add to library. However, this does not get the file back into the master library. Well the file does exists and can be accessed and played out of the master music file>specific artist>song title.

What MB operation do I need to perform to get all relocated files recognized in library? 


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Oops, I think I misread.

Try "File > Library > Remap Music Folders"

You need to enter the old path in the first box and the new path in the second box.  But this will only work if the overall directory structure is still the same.  Otherwise you should just remove the dead links and add the files back as new files.  Be sure to check the Inbox if they're not appearing in the library.
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