Author Topic: Playlist Have Disappeared - HELP!  (Read 650 times)

Geoff Boswell

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I've just put MB back on to find that all but one of my playlists seem to have gone! I present an internet radio show each week and had about 30 playlists worked out in advance. They've gone! Does anyone have any advice or insights? Did I do it without knowing? I've used MB for 7 months now without doing this or seeing this before.


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What do you mean exactly by "put MusicBee back on" (what type of install)?  Where were your playlists stored previously, and was it the same type of MusicBee install (Installer, Store, Portable) of MusicBee?

Do a search of ALL drives using Windows File Explorer (system settings set to "show hidden files and folders") for a folder named "Playlists", and/or any files with extension *.mbp (MusicBee-proprietary playlists) or common playlist extensions like *.m3u/.m3u8 if you may have used those instead.
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