Author Topic: Rename of files doesn't work for multiple files [BetaVersion 3.0.5895]  (Read 2690 times)


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I test the new Musicbee Version 3.0.

Edit a single file works ok (click on title / rightclick edit / rename-tab - brings up the Fileorganizerdialog with naming template that ok.

Mark two or a whole set of titles  and click on title / rightclick edit / open the dialog -
but the rename-tab  has no function!

Is the function now  different to Version 2.x or is the function now hidden in another menus? Or do I wrong




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I don't think that's ever supported for multiple files. You could use instead Send to> Folder (Move)> Move Files to Organized Folder command.


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What a pitty if this essential function has gone.

So I will stay on MusicBee 2.5.
On MusicBee 2.5.5804 renaming complete folder of an CD works fine.
I use this procedure in V2.5:

Mark one Record, rightcklick EDIT, than RENAME.
I use only the naming template [<Track#> - <Title> - <Artist>]
Click on PROCEED

That all.

Image with details here:

Update:  Thanks Steve you are my hero