Author Topic: Official MB appreciation thread  (Read 207810 times)


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Also just popping in to say thank you to the developers and the forum team. MusicBee is an absolutely spectacular program. I will never use anything else again. Been using it for around 2 years now, I believe. I made a "feature request" post a while ago and those same features were actually implemented in the latest release. I'm beyond thankful.


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Adding my name to the list of the Thankful... Thanks for all the work Devs have put into this, not sure if it's still just Steven.

I was a winamp user all through the AOL takeover until they finally shut it down in v5.6, then I moved over to MB...

Great player, great library manager, only ever had one or two library corruptions over the years (probably from migrating libraries/machines)

Thanks again, and have a few beers or coffees on me. :)
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