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I'm trying to migrate my music library from iTunes to MusicBee

I'm currently facing a blocking point

A few years back I followed this tutorial to make my music library and audio files organized and portable

Now I'm able to synchronize my music folder between my NAS and a USB drive and open my music library with all audio files without the need to change the path of music files.

Is there a possibility with MusicBee to use relative path for MusicFiles instead of Fixed path with a Drive letter?

Thx for your support as this is the last point open for me to move out to iTunes


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Hi, welcome to the forum!

Does the portable version of MusicBee not do what you want?
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Latest beta patch (3.5)
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I tried this but did not find what I need

I need to have my mp3 files on my NAS on a path like \\NAS\music and a copy of same mp3 files on my USB drive with a path like D:\Music

With iTunes, as long as the mp3 files are stored in the media Folder within the iTunes folder the mp3 files will stay connected with the library whatever absolute path to the iTunes folder is.

Is there a way to reproduce same behaviour with MusicBee? I didn't find anything so far in the documentation and Forum

vincent kars

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If I understand you correctly:
You have the audio on a NAS
You want to synchronize (a part) to portable media

If this is the case might it be that the sync option of MusicBee does what you want?


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not exactly

I have audio + library on a NAS
I want to make copy of audio + library on USB drive to be able to have my music and my library when I'm on the road and copy back update library and audio files when I'm back home