Author Topic: Best Music Download Website?  (Read 9673 times)


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I'd like to know where do you guys download your songs from. Preferably, I'd like sites that offers MP3's in 256kbps or higher formats.
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Bandcamp has many artists who release their work as "name your price" offering it in any number of lossy and lossless formats DRM-free.
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Ditto bandcamp!
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Qobuz, Junodownload, Beatport, Bleep, Boomkat, Traxsource, Bandcamp, Tidal, HDtracks, Ototoy.

I always look firstly at Qobuz - usually they have a better prices.


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In addition to several mentioned above:
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Check out Jamendo Music:

Creating an account only involves picking a user and pw, doesn't ask for anything else.  Free fully tagged MP3 (usually V2/3) downloads for personal use of varying bitrates from a huge variety of independent/experimental artists in many genres.  Creative Commons licensing, i.e. legal.

For FLAC it's Bandcamp all the way, although most are pay-per (they take PayPal however).  Once you've bought a song/album you can download it again at anytime in a large variety of formats for free forever (well, as long as Bandcamp is still around).


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I love Volumo platform! friendly interface and quick download. A lot of genres


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While I typically stream music online, I've found that radioq is an excellent platform for discovering new tracks and artists. For high-quality MP3 downloads in 256kbps or higher, I'd recommend looking into other dedicated music download sites. RadioQ is great for streaming, but you'll need to explore other options for downloading songs.
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