Author Topic: Auto-playlist for 24 bit files?  (Read 2005 times)


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I've recently begun collecting hi-res albums from HDTracks and the like. My question is how do I make an auto-playlist for files that are 24-bit?

I figured out that I can filter by sample rate (Sample rate > is greater than > 44100), but a few albums are 24/44.1. Selecting Bitrate > is > 24 doesn't work (this seems to be for MP3 encoding bitrate and not bit depth). I don't want to create new tags or anything. So is this possible?

P.S. I really, really do not want to have a discussion about what constitutes hi-res/HD audio or questionable sampling practices. Thanks!


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It's been requested before, but currently bit-depth is not a sortable value in MusicBee.
In the mean time I suggest manually labeling these files with a custom tag or grouping.
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Maybe the file-size could be a rough way to approach this for the moment?
The file-sizes of 24 bit tracks are usually substantially larger?