Author Topic: Expanding Single Column List Size/Allow more Virttag Stuff in Album Covers View  (Read 287 times)


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I think I and others have posted about expanded the capabilities of Album Covers view:

Recently Steven fixed subheaders cutting off.

I want to do more things with Virtual tags to display discographical info, but I'm very limited space wise. Right now I use a virtual tag to display Matrix and title. but I would like to add more, and be able to fully utilize my virtual tag's functions.

There is so much room here to play with. I'm working into making my MB configuration into a fully interactive discography- and just adding this would open up so much more functionality- in my case: adding a catalog number tag to my Matrix-Title tag.

More general virtual tag functionality within Albumcovers view would be very welcomed. Things such as:

-Line breaks and centering of subheaders, to allow Paragraphed subheaders
-Font settings in virtual tags being displayed
-The ability to hide Track numbers (though there are alternate ways to do so)
-ability to auto space all tags withing the virtual tag to allow full expansion of each.

I would very much like to hear thoughts on this and discuss further aspects, I'm really desperate for this- it would open up so many doors for me
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It's indeed a lot of wasted space there.
For long classical titles it can be very problematic, even without adding virtual tags.




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for the next v3.4 update, when "display tracks as a single column" is enabled, more width is used