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Terry Walker

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I agree with hiccup. Let it go already.
 I agree with you as well, frankz. You need to let it go even though it hurts  :'(


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I do very much agree with you!
Until recently I used WMP.  Allthough the interface and possibilities were OK for my use, WMP is a very unstable programme and the database seems not to be structured very well. Over the past 10+ years I spent hundreds of ours filling the tags, adding album art and organizing my WMP library but it often fell to shambles. It is also hardly or not possible/feasable to transfer the WMP library database to another computer when you buy one.
Since 2 weeks I am using Musicbee on my new desktop and It took only minutes to install and fill it. All my music files with metadata were properly represented and grouped.
Only the music files in "various" and/or with missing metadata needed to be properly tagged. I was pleasently surprised to find that Musicbee has a built in tagging editor that works quite well. It seems also that data and artwork are stored in the music file itself rather than in separate files.

Today I installed Musicbee also on my laptop and copied music files and Musicbee library to this laptop. Started up Musicbee and everything is exactly as on my desktop. Absolutely great. I have entered a new music library world. Wished I had done it before.
A lot of thanks for the people that did all the effort to create this music library tool!

Of course in future questions may arise but likely the answers can be found on this forum,



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Very happy to use MusicBee since 3 years after switching from iTunes.  :)
The app is a lot stable and the sound is good, it uses only few mb ram ! Was searching something which contains plugins like for lyrics and it works a lot !

Thank you and I hope it will continues to goes like this !!