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Also just popping in to say thank you to the developers and the forum team. MusicBee is an absolutely spectacular program. I will never use anything else again. Been using it for around 2 years now, I believe. I made a "feature request" post a while ago and those same features were actually implemented in the latest release. I'm beyond thankful.


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Adding my name to the list of the Thankful... Thanks for all the work Devs have put into this, not sure if it's still just Steven.

I was a winamp user all through the AOL takeover until they finally shut it down in v5.6, then I moved over to MB...

Great player, great library manager, only ever had one or two library corruptions over the years (probably from migrating libraries/machines)

Thanks again, and have a few beers or coffees on me. :)
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To the developers of this wonderful app, thank you so much!  (one man's work...that's even more impressive!)
Listening to music has never been this beautiful. Steven, God bless you man.
You too Hiccup, for the insane Tron Punk skin. That look is just everything I needed to complete my MusicBee setup.
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You too Hiccup, for the insane Tron Punk skin. That look is just everything I needed to complete my MusicBee setup.
Much appreciated Mayibongwe, enjoy The Bee!


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Just contributed $ and it was worth every penny.  I've been using MB since Jan 2020 to migrate off of iTunes, and it has been a terrific journey.  With help from PsychoDelic (sp?) and others, most problems were overcomed.  I have a library of 1 million tracks (will decrease with dupes) that includes digitized vinyl starting from 1957 and every other media I have/had, in the last 50 years, but hey, MB handles large libraries without complaining!!!!.  Keep doing what you do.


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Many many thanks for MusicBee. Really appreciate it.


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I like how you can just go in and directly play your music without having to do the whole playlist thing.
The inbox feature is something I never thought of in a music player and it has helped me organize my mess of music.
I have many audiobooks and I hated having to do special things for them to be separate from my music. Just drag and drop!
Love having the internet integrated in so I can look up something real quick without having to wait for my browser to load up.
Super happy that it has a Metal preset for the equalizer lol No player I've used has that right in it.

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