Author Topic: Dock mini player to left or right (and select which monitor)  (Read 1517 times)


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The mini player, docked to the top of my monitor kind of works for me and is a welcome discovery but I would really love the ability to dock the mini player to the left or right of my monitor, and select which monitor.

A couple of observations:

1. The mini player seems only to dock to my *primary* monitor. At home I have two monitors, at work three. I always run MusicBee on monitors 2 (home) or 3 (work). It would be a welcome addition to be able to choose which monitor it is docked to.

2. What I'd find more useful is if I could dock the mini player to the right or left too. I have a 16:9 monitor and so I have more width than height which I would happily donate to my docked media player.

Many thanks.


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Yes, this would be a good improvement. I wish to keep one monitor "clean" from any tools to get a 100% workspace (screen for media-editing).