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Hello  O Wise Ones, have not been here for a while and just found and downloaded the latest version, so that is  good.
I came on here to ask  about copying  some of my  music to a CD so I can give it to my daughter. She bought me Pink Floyd's Endless River for Christmas, and as a thank-you I would like to share a few tracks of my music with her -but...She uses itunes and has an iPod thingy. Most of my tunes are either mp3 downloads from Amazon, or  CD tracks converted to .flac. Is there anything I need to know, or do, or can I just copy or burn them to a CD and they will work for her either on the computer or with the iPod, or both?
thank you and happy new year.


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Burning from within MB is really quite simple.  You do need to decide whether to burn an audio CD or a data CD, but either one should be seen by her computer.  Once the tracks are on her computer, she'll be able to get them to her iPod.

EDIT:  I'm assuming your daughter is -not- using MB on her computer.  If she uses iTunes for syncing to her iPod she'll have no problem.
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Download the latest MusicBee v3.5 patch from here.
Unzip into your MusicBee directory and overwrite existing files.

Check out the MusicBee Wiki.
How to post screenshots is here.


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oh - thank you Phred, sounds  attractively trouble-free. Cheers m'dear  ;D


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Except iTunes doesn't properly support FLAC files, so you'll need to convert those to a different format if you choose to create a data CD.
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