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This is just a thinking about it thing

My dad is 92 and has decided he wants to revisit/listen to all the music he used to like when he was a nipper. Getting the stuff isn't a problem Ebay, Amazon etc. Theres also torrent stuff thats not available to buy.
He's got a CD player which he can work ok, so up to this point no problem. However he's decided he only likes certain tracks and can I burn him compilation disks – bit surprised he knew about 'burning disks'. Burning disks wouldn't be a problem.

But I was wondering if there was a way (a really simple way) to let him use 'play lists' - which I would compile for him.
I've looked for a music player of some sort that can access digital media (hdd, card, NAS*) that is 'simple' to use and doesn’t cost a fortune, no luck. I've wondered about using a cheap tablet with maybe an app that was child orientated – and so having big blocky icons/sections. We are talking big fingers and not great eyesight.
A tablet could contain the tracks or/and be wifi to the NAS. Output ? Direct wired or also wifi to speakers ?

Does anyone have experience or thoughts on what/how I might buy or set something up that let him play his music.
Remember 'simple'

*my own music is on my NAS which can be accessed from anywhere in the house (using MB of course, including his stuff wouldn’t be a problem.


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