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It would be great if you could not only sync either your whole library or a selection of playlists to your device, but also by some tag like genre, artist, album. also, it would be nice to have storable sync profiles, so that you dont always have to click through all the folders if you want to switch between two devices (eg internal & extrenal storage of a portable music player) that are not supposed to have the same sync list.


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Hey there :)

I would love something like that too, having a way to automatically synchronizing artists, individual albums, genres or based on other fields (maybe on a per-song basis, even?) would help keep track of what is actually in the device (if you also synchronize playlists, then sometimes you forget what's there because of a playlist or because you really wanted that specific thing there).

Currently I use a per-device synchronization playlist, where I put everything I want on the device, and that I automatically sync. It is already a good workaround, even if you have to add new albums / songs manually. Also it allows to prepare tracks for sync without the device being connected. But a view dedicated to device sync management would be even better. Maybe something on the model of automatic playlists, but with an adapted filtering UI that fits this purpose?