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I'm trying to sort by a virtual tag called Date with this formula: $IsNull(<Original Year>,<Year>,<Original Year>).  As far as I can tell, it's giving me a random order instead.  Also, I'm not getting the correct results when I try to use this tag in an autoplaylist with a rule like "Date is before 1960".  I get 2,006 results when I should get a few hundred at most, and many are past that date.

All the values are in four-digit year format, no months or days.  I've also checked that all three fields (Year, Original Year, Date) are set to "Date" in Configure Fields.  Am I overlooking something?  Is this a bug?
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Using the name 'Date' might be causing some problems with internal mapping of the 'TDAT' (Date) ID3v2.3 tag.
Try using 'RelDate' instead, to see if that makes a difference.
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