Author Topic: How to create my own station directories?  (Read 4392 times)


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Hope someone can help me.

MB is a great tool, I use it a lot.
But I have no solution for radio stations directories.

I know, how to import radio stations.
But then I have a bunch of stations in the list.

I would like to create my own station directories, like the few that are already exists (icecast, soma, jamendo).
Until know I can't find a tutorial or a preset, that shows, how to import them.

This: "" is just a radio list.
And Tapin/Screamer radio don't have anymore the presets XML on board.

So I have no clue, how this preset should look like ...
Is it anyway possible to create station directories with a preset?

It would be helpful if somebody could give me a hint.



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Hope someone can help me.
And Tapin/Screamer radio don't have anymore the presets XML on board.
I have one of the last Tapin Presets (v1.34 from Oct 2010.)  If this would help you, please PM your e-mail address to me and I'll attach it to my reply.
Download the latest MusicBee v3.5 patch from here.
Unzip into your MusicBee directory and overwrite existing files.

Check out the MusicBee Wiki.
How to post screenshots is here.


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phred was also so kind to supply me with a presets file that works with MB's (custom) presets directory. Some personal notes you may want to take into consideration:

• The supplied presets file is not up-to-date. Still useful, but don't be upset that some stations are "dead".

• You can update the presets file yourself, but only outside MB. You can use a dedicated XML editor or just a plain text editor. Just keep the format intact. MB doesn't have the functionality to maintain the presets file.

• You can put the presets file anywhere you want. The location is stored in MusicBeeSettings.ini (look for <PresetsFilePath>). If you later decide to re-locate or load another presets file, just remove the current presets file. After restart MB just asks for the new location.

• The Station Directories, including the Presets, are not a replacement for a personal (play)list. Directories are a way to explore and discover stations. Hopefully there will be more added in the future.

• Because of the lack of a playlist feature or search/filters as with normal music files, it is very tempting to use the customisable presets file.

• You can save your favorite stations to the library by double clicking the selected station in one of the directories.

• This "playlist" is maintainable. You can also add your own stations to it.  Just right click and you'll see what you can do.

• You can export and import these lists. That way you can build up your own catalog of playlists. But this would be outside of MB.

• The big downside to all this is, that the exported (opml) file doesn't preserve all fields. See also


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@phred: Many thanks for your support with the presets file
@moorpipe: THX for your notes, I will consider them

Until now I'm playing around with the tapin preset from phred.
But unfortunately, MB won't import them ... the message is "unable to parse the selected OPML file".

In MB 2.3 there was a button in the station directories to open a presets file.
This button I don't find in MB 2.4.5349 ...  ???
(So I try to import them as radio stations, but that doesn't seems to work ...)

I hope, in future, there is more option to build my own station directories with my genre and stations ...

But I keep on trying ...  :)


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You are probably trying to import the presets.xml file into the main area (on top). Please use the format applicable to this area, i.e. opml, a special form of xml. The easiest way to see how this looks is to export your stations end view the layout with an editor.
The presets.xml file you received from phred does not comply to the opml format MB is using for the stations list in the main area. Besides, this file is intended for the station directory area.

The "button" is still there. You only see it, when MB cannot find a presets.xml file (see also my previous post).


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THX moorpipe.

I will try it an give an update.

I think, station directories could be also important for other user ...