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I've created a plugin which (for now) provides a $TransliterateToAscii() function which can transliterate (or "Romanize") Unicode text into ASCII. I use it to make sure that even if my tags are in Unicode, the files have names in ASCII, to prevent issues with other hardware/software that aren't Unicode-friendly.

For example given a track with the following Unicode metadata:

Artist: Israel Kamakawiwoʻole
Title: Lā ʻElima

and setting the naming template to:

$TransliterateToAscii(<Artist>) - $TransliterateToAscii(<Title>)

you would get the ASCII filename:

Israel Kamakawiwo`ole - La `Elima.flac

I wrote it because sometimes I use older devices that use FAT32 disks, and FAT32 doesn't always play nicely with Unicode in the filenames.



While my example shows a simple example of stripping the vowel accents (ā to a) and replacing the ʻokina with a backtick (ʻ to `), the underlying library, AnyAscii, can do far more impressive transliterations, like 深圳 to ShenZhen, or Δημήτρης Φωτόπουλος to Dimitris Fotopoylos.
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