Author Topic: "Not Labeled Cover Art" Problem  (Read 2009 times)


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Recently I have noticed that MusicBee has multiple artwork cycle in Cover Art section. The problem is some of my files have their covers defined as "Not Labeled" or "Undefined" and MusicBee cycles between "No Cover Art" (because the file does not contain an image labeled as Album Cover) and Unlabeled Cover.

Is there any easy way to turn those Unlabeled covers to Album Covers? Or any setting that displays the first found cover art in the file and discard the default "Album Cover".

Here are some images:

This is from dbpoweramp ID tag tab:

And this is from MusicBee:


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I don't know of an automatic way to do it, but you can individually edit files (or groups of files with the same cover art) and change what classification the picture has in the tag editor. Go to the Artwork tab, and there should be a drop-down box for that purpose by each picture.
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