Author Topic: Lost my artists pics after reinstalling  (Read 1827 times)


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I recently got a new PC and I have just installed MusicBee again. I have rescanned my music folder and I got all my albums with their artwork in no time. The problem is that I like to view my music grouped by artist. Previously I saw just one of the album covers as an artist image. I loved that solution. Now I don't see any picture at all when groping by artist. I don't want to have to set a picture for every one of them. Is there something I can do?

By the way, I was using an old version in my old PC. I can't remember which one.

Thanks for keeping MusicBee alive! :)


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Preference/ Layout/Configure Views
tick "show artist picture"


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Funny I was going to do as you suggested and I got the images without doing nothing. I changed them album covers though.

Thanks!!! :)