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I wanted to share my music/video library, so I tried to set up an installation procedure for others to use MusicBee the way I do.

The following is a copy (incomplete) of my instructions (garbled) for my friends (at least they were before they read this).

The idea is just to get them from ground-zero to a nice running start.  I'd appreciate any feedback.

MusicBee Installation (Windows XP)
see main help & forum

also see MediaMonkey 4.10.1703

Edit - Preferences - File Converters
   MP3   Lame.exe      see step 2
   AAC   NeroAACenc.exe      see step 3
   OGG   OGGenc2.exe      
   OPUS   OPUSenc.exe      see step 4
   MPC   MPCenc.exe
   FLAC   Flac.exe
   ALAC   FFMpeg.exe      see step 5
   WAVPACK   WavPack.exe
   TAK   TakC.exe
   WMA   ???

0) MusicBee 2.3.5188 (Final 2014-03-16)
   --- run the exe

1) mb_TagTools_2014-04-09 (v4.9.5207)
   --- copy all to C:\Program Files\MusicBee\Plugins
   --- "Don't forget to import presets after upgrading plugin."
   --- See 'Tools/Tagging tools' menu.
   --- To configure plugin go to 'Edit/Preferences/Plugins'

2) LAME (v.3.99.5) (for MP3)
   --- copy lame.exe to C:\Program Files\MusicBee\Codec
???   --- copy lame_enc.dll to C:\Program Files\MusicBee\Codec   ???
   activate in MusicBee - go to Preferences > File Converters and tick MP3

3) NeroAACCodec-1.5.1 (for AAC/MPeg)
    --- copy ..\Win32 files to C:\Program Files\MusicBee\Codec
   activate in MusicBee - go to Preferences > File Converters and tick AAC

4) opus-tools-0.1.8-win32

5) Zeranoe ! ffmpeg-20140307-git-64e4bd7-win32-static
   copy ..\bin files to C:\Program Files\MusicBee\Codec

} 6) bass_aac24 (audio add-in)
}    download
}       or
}    --- copy all to C:\Program Files\MusicBee

} ?) bass_alac24
}   download
}   --- ???

} 9) BassDShow (video add-in .. MusicBee support abandoned)
}   download
}      or
}   copy all to C:\Program Files\MusicBee

9) K-Lite Codec pack (includes LAV support)
   download   K-Lite Codec Pack 10.4 Full   2014-03-24
         K-Lite Codec Pack Update 10.4.3 2014-04-07
   run the .exe
or use VLC as an external player (v2.13)
nb: issues re: MusicBee library .. minimal support inside MB for VLC
   do get support (for playback) but not full library info/integration
or use LAV Filters for all (based on ffmpeg)
   Version 0.61.1:
   Version 0.60 (2014-01-12)

video support
steven (2012-03)
some video formats require Codecs that do not come with your computer by default. In my testing, i didnt need to install anything for these formats:
  - what i did need to install was a codec for .MP4, for which i downloaded the K-Lite (Standard) codec pack
steven (2013-11)
unfortunately the guy who developed the bass video plugin that my plugin is based from does not appear to be spending time to support it, i feel it wasnt fully ready, and also i cant justify the time needed to support it so i am doubtful it will go anywhere.

Check this whether it gets the job done:
After installing the plugin go to Edit>Preferences>Player>Input-plugins and press the "import winamp" button

Steven (2011-04)
re: error: "Unable to open file (error=BASS_ERROR_CODEC)"
its been asked a few times before on the forum
Due to licensing restrictions MusicBee (and most other freeware players that havent purchased the required MP3 licenses) can only use the MP3 codec that comes already installed with windows.
However the Windows 'N' series does not include this codec. You can download it yourself from miscrosoft:
Windows 8 Pro N
freeware MP3 codec (160 kB)
Topic: Top plugins (for wiki)

I can link up to 10 plugins from the main wiki menu, if I want.  Right now I have:

   Theater Mode
   Lyrics Plugin
   Additional Tagging and Reporting Tools
   Alternative Mediakey Plugin
   MusicBee Remote for Android

Are there any others that you all think should be highlighted?  The rest will be listed and linked to the forum thread, too, they just won't be in the main menu. stats plugin similar artists plugin
   mobile web plugin
Steven: Recommended WinAmp plugins

please feel free to add to this list started by ild2

- mono downmix (and more)

- gap killer ("gapless playback" for tracks not encoded with a gapless encoder), sqrsoft advanced crossfader

- crossfeed (bs2b)

noise sharpening

- VST plugin (thanks REIKA)
  you can use plural VSTs at the same time if you use EffectChainer


Steven, could you add the links to the initial post?

mono downmix (and more)

sqrsoft advanced crossfader (and gap killer)

noise sharpening
can't find a winamp dsp... only SPS preset - requires the winamp dsp studio plugin which doesn't load in musicbee. ideas?

A great plugin with a lot of features like a multiband compressor, equalizer, stereo image enhancer, limiter, autogain control and many others.
It works with Directsound or ASIO and there is a standalone VST version. It's a little busy at first use, but with presets and a little tweaking it becomes awesome.

Try a look at:

Crompressor & Wider

A very simple but useful dsp plugin to compress and enhance audio. Works only with 16 bit audio format.

"you can use plural VSTs at the same time if you use EffectChainer"

Also, how to close this plugin: - mono downmix (and more) ? I mean, after I enabled it in DSPs it's GUI stays open. I have to disable it to close the GUI. I don't want it open, just enabled.


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Looks good to me after a quick page scan. Maybe could be added to the wiki

I've recently joined -
Feel free to add me if you wish :)

EAC V1.0 beta 3 can be downloaded here
And a full guide on setting it up and ripping a CD can be here


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6) bass_aac24 should no longer be needed for windows 7 and above - microsoft now include an aac decoder with the standard windows installation
7) bass_alac is already included in the standard MB install
9) only external video players are supported - the MB video plugin has been dis-continued so the K-Lite or Lav filters are not relevant to MB

Some of the recommended winamp plugins are now available natively in MB eg. downmix to mono and in v2.4 there is a gap killer/silence remover dsp