Author Topic: Multiple Genre/Mood/Occasion tree in Library Explorer  (Read 2279 times)


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Looked around the forum and settings, and couldn't find how to do this:

How can I set up the Library Explorer tree to branch out into multiple genres/moods/occasions?

Say I have 'Girl from Ipanema' from Tom Jobim whose genre is tagged as "Latin American; Brazilian; Bossa Nova". I'd like it to show in the Library Explorer under Latin American/Brazilian/Bossa Nova/Tom Jobim. I tried setting up the custom sort order Genre/Genre/Genre/Artist., but all that does is Latin American/Latin American/Latin American/Tom Jobim (and same for the other two genres).

Is there a way to do this?


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Create three virtual tags as follows and add them to a custom sorting set.

Genre 1 = $Split(<Genres>,";",1)
Genre 2 = $Split(<Genres>,";",2)
Genre 3 = $Split(<Genres>,";",3)