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I've just updated to the latest version of MusicBee (v2.3) and I'm having the problem that video files are now being 'imported' in the inbox.

On all previous MusicBee versions, video files were ignored and not appearing in the inbox.

Since I don't want to use MusicBee as a video player, I would like to know how I can get it back to how it previously was (not showing any video files)?

I've looked around in the settings but didn't find something...

Your help is appreciated :)

Pic if necessary:


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for version 2.4 i have added a filter in the library preferences so that video files can be excluded from the folder monitoring:

unzip and replace the existing musicbee application files


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Thanks Steven. Long time fan of MusicBee, appreciate the work you do  :)


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Great!! Thanks a lot for the patch, and for an awesome program, perfect for me.