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In the tags, at the bottom of the Properties tab, there is a field titled Origin.

What is it for?
Is it part of the ID3v2 tag or something in the MB database?
It doesn't show up in Windows file Properties, so I'm guessing that it's not part of that.

Like any other tag field, I can get a column in the main window, and the field seems to take text, not date, etc.

I've looked here:
and here:
and here:
but can't find that field listed.

I'm looking for a place to keep track of where I got the files I have (Amazon download, ripped from CD, recorded live, etc.). "Origin" looks like a good candidate for that, but not if something else is actually going to want to be in that field. If so, I'll just make a custom tag.


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That's WOAS frame. Quoting from your source:

The 'Official audio source webpage' frame is a URL pointing at the official webpage for the source of the audio file, e.g. a movie.

It's mainly used with MB for subscription website of podcast files.


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    The 'Media type' frame describes from which media the sound originated. This may be a text string or a reference to the predefined media types found in the list below. References are made within "(" and ")" and are optionally followed by a text refinement, e.g. "(MC) with four channels". If a text refinement should begin with a "(" character it should be replaced with "((" in the same way as in the "TCO" frame. Predefined refinements is appended after the media type, e.g. "(CD/A)" or "(VID/PAL/VHS)".

'Media Type' is available to set up in the pre-defined custom tags list

example for using Amazon: (DIG) purchased from
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Ah. Thank you both. I never thought about podcasts. Of course, the pages I looked at don't use the term "Origin," so it's no surprise that I didn't make the connection. Don't have any, but don't want to be using that field in case I do get some.

Yes, I found Media Type, and was figuring on that as a likely option if "Origin" didn't work, so that's the direction I'll go.

Thanks again!