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i'm not very keen to do the extra effort to build the authorisation protocols unless there is a strong reason and from my own experience i have yet to see anything that google or gracenote does not have, and cant recall any times where discogs was the best. It sounds similar to what others are saying.

Luckily the extra work for this didn't go ahead, as Discogs has imposed a limitation of 1000 requests per day per application on artwork retrieval.
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And all this time I've been racking my brains to figure out where in MusicBee Preferences Discogs is disabled! Perhaps you should change the language used, "Discogs disabled in Preferences" because it makes me think I need to apply a setting somewhere.
Anyway  I don't mind having to register MusicBee, I  like the ease of use and simple approach but I'm no idiot, I can go online and check a box if necessary.
As for getting better artwork from other sources well I think for each of us "Your mileage may vary", many times I can't find the appropriate artwork and I have no choice but to go manually find and add some, especially since Google's source rarely works the past couple of weeks. So  having as many options as possible is my preferences. If there are users who honestly disagree then perhaps leaving it up to the user preferences by way of an enable/disable option would be better than just removing the whole thing.


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Regarding this:

Really?  :-\

I always get the worst quality artwork from

The issue with is that they have more than one version of each artwork, so I always download from the website manually.

If I search Adele's 21 from the site, it lists 32 images:

The smallest is 350X350, but most of them are 500X500. But from MB's artwork search, it's always 174X174 from for whatever album. Does this mean they don't allow access to the whole artwork pics through API?


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Thanks for pointing that out as i havent looked at the api call for ages and they do now support the large pictures
They are included now:


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When did iTunes get added as an artwork source?  That's cool, too.  (Although I can get images twice that size from iTunes using Album Art Downloader, not sure what the differences is.)

Also, a small thing, but even though discogs has been removed from the list of options I see "discogs: disabled in preferences" in the artwork search window.
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Thanks for pointing that out as i havent looked at the api call for ages and they do now support the large pictures
They are included now:

Thanks for updating this! Would you look at artist image as well to see if they now support larger artist images? From my experiences, is the best source for the images of obscure artists, even better than google. So would be great if that's supported too.