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Very good idea to use windos 8.1 collor, this skim it will be part of something very big.
Its a Pitty the hover buttons color cant be fixed. we will wait.

Bug  Hover effect in the buttons of the MiniPlayer!! see link below.
this is the perfect skim thanks for sharing.
I know that bug, but I can't change it without change the button color on the preferences panel. :(

This is a really great looking skin, if it's not included by default it definitely should be.
Maybe it would be worth checking out variables to make different color variations. It would take slightly more work with the bitmap version though.

One issue i found was with "Content[TrackDetail].ListAlternating.Disabled" fg color not matching "Content[TrackDetail].Body.Disabled"
which for example makes a list of not downloaded podcasts look like this:

edit: Also the Previous Track button in bitmap skin moves 1px to the left when highlighted.
Thanks for noticing those! By the way, your Dusk/Dawn/Midnight skins should be the default ones for MusicBee, they are amazing!

About color variations... I had in mind using some from the Windows Phone palette:

Any suggestions?


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- added values for the new mini player
- changed border of the notification popup
- small increase in contrast on the main window toolbar buttons.
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BTW, I'm working on a set of toolbar icons that match the skin.

Current set with alt versions:

Any suggestions as to which icons shoud I do next?
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Do you still have the plan of using windows collors? I'm using win 8.1 very colorfull, I would like to make the same with my music player. 


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PS: I just fixed an error with the star rating colors :P


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I thought you would change the color of skim too dark for more cheerful colors. without getting too boring, the effect of the buttons on miniplayer not changed you still have plans to fix.

Finally, apart from that I think you have a final version of skim, let's hope it changes something in MusicBee 2.3.

sorry the english, this text was made with google traslate.


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Updated all skin colors (including RED)

- New Miniplayer colors changed (view screenshot below)
- Love & Rating colors fixed
- A-Z jumpbar text color fixed on alternate color skins

DarkRED Metro
DarkORANGE Metro
DarkGREEN Metro
DarkCYAN Metro
DarkINDIGO Metro
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loving these new versions!  thanks very much.  particularly enjoying the cyan right now.

also really like the new toolbar icons.  as for suggestions, my most used buttons (that you havent already done) are:
Playback:Queue Next
Playback:Queue Last
Now Playing List: Clear
View:Show Now Playing Assistant

thanks again for the great work and happy new year everybody!


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I'm really tempted by the Indigo version.  Nice!

I use Rescan Files, Edit Tags, Send to External Program (Album Art Downloader, to be specific), and Restart MusicBee.  Plus I have highlighting icons for FLAC (using star), MP3 (using check mark), Missing Tags, and Low Bitrate (using thumbs down).
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The title text in the main player panel in my Musicbee doesn't use the font in the screenshots. What am I doing wrong?


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You have to change them manually. I'm using:

Main player:
Segoe UI SemiLight 16pt

Compact Player:
Segoe UI Light 20pt (track)
Segoe UI Bold 10pt (artist)
Segoe UI Regular 9pt (album)

Mini Player:
Segoe UI Regular 11pt (track)
Segoe UI Regular 8pt (artist)
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